Executive Summary

The Mano Platform aims to provide a range of tools and services to users that will allow them to easily and successfully navigate the crypto space. It is based on an idea from a previous project (being Masternode Foundation) which was not completed due to the lead developer having to quit the project, stating personal issues.

This prompted a takeover of the project by four community members, which took effect on January 1st, 2019. In the first quarter of 2019, a new coin was airdropped to holders of the previous project. Since this time, a coin swap has been completed, and a working hosting platform released.

Wherever possible, the new project will be driven by the community, with governance being used to reward work completed by community members. We believe that by leveraging the skills of both the core team and community we can deliver a complete product and services offering encompassing everything from masternode hosting to coin reviews and verification.


The new MANO project did not raise funds via an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The project was bootstrapped by the team, who made the decision to self fund the development of the blockchain and platform themselves.

MANO is made for the community, by the community, without demanding money from the community.

Problem Statement

Historically, access to the cryptocurrency industry has been the realm of computer savvy users only. The last two years has seen mainstream public awareness of cryptocurrencies grow immensely, however investment and revenue opportunities is still limited to those with extensive technical expertise. Mano aims to change this, providing tools and services which will help all users sucessfully learn and earn in the crypto space.


Mano provide products and services which will enable more users to utilise the crypto space. Mano Host is our initial offering, which provides a single place for masternode setup, hosting and monitoring. Additional products and services will be released which will help mitigate other pain points commonly experienced by crypto investors.

The Mano team believes in the power of community, and that a number of like minded individuals with different skills, views and ideas spread across multiple continents can achieve much more then a small central team. This belief underpins all that we do, with decentralized governance ensuring the community has a large stake in the direction and future of Mano.


Holders of Manocoin recieve a discount based on the amount of nodes that they hold and run on the Mano Host platform. The following tiers are available:


1 x Mano Masternode - 5% discount (standard pricing from $1.89)

2 x Mano Masternode - 10% discount (standard pricing from $1.79)

4 x Mano Masternode - 20% discount (standard pricing from $1.59)

10 x Mano Masternode - 25% discount (standard pricing from $1.49)

In addition to the above, holders of Manocoin can also earn passive income from staking or running a masternode and selling rewards recieved on exchange. Stakers and Masternode operators provide essential services to the Mano blockchain. Any number of coins can be staked, while 2,500 Mano are required to run a masternode. The rewards recieved through each option are shown in the reward schedule below.

Note that many factors need to be taken into consideration to calculate the time between rewards for a masternode or staked coins, which is beyond the scope of this document. In general terms, due to the limited number of masternodes available, plus the larger block reward provided to node operators, running a masternode provides a better return then staking coins.

By rewarding masternode operators and stakers, an incentive is provided for users to adopt and use the Mano ecosystem.

Further to providing discounted masternode pricing, verification and review use cases to be released in late 2019/early 2020 will expand Manocoin utility and drive demand.

Competitive Advantage

Mano aims to be a complete ecosystem that assists users new to crypto with a range of products and services that are informative, reliable, easy and secure. While the initial focus has been on masternode deployment and management, we are in the process of bringing additional use cases to fruition.

Financial Transparency

The Mano Platform has been financed through a variety of methods. The current team have funded the development of Mano from personal finances (Fiat and Bitcoin). While we received the remainder of the Mano premine from the prior iteration of Mano, we were not willing to sell this on the market. We did use a small portion to pay a number of contractors, and usually in conjuction with BTC. This was done to ensure that the contractors have a vested interest in the success of Mano.

In May 2019 a MANO governance vote was held, with members of the MANO community making the decision to send the MANO coins which were not airdropped to an inaccessable address.


The premine is visible at ATQV9BsnrnPBtmwpJ18ZYSNVZUTFyx3sLT. The premine shall be used for business purposes only, such as payments to contractors and for marketing.

Coins that were not swapped to the new MANOcoin token have been sent to the address AManoBurnAddressXXXXXXXXXXXXWZLihi

In line with the Mano vision of community involvement, a development fee shall be proposed each month, with masternode holders voting to approve or reject this through governance. The development fee will total ten percent of the block rewards of the month in which it is approved for. Any rewards that are collected through this arrangement will be placed into a publicly visible development fund address, and used to pay community members for work performed.

Community members can bid for work that they would like to perform through governance, which can then be approved or rejected based on votes submitted by masternode holders. If approved, the required amount of Manocoin will be released by the Mano team to the appropriate person. Current proposals submitted by the Mano team and community members can be seen at http://docs.manocoin.net/Governance/Proposals/. A detailed guide on how to submit a proposal is available in this document repository.


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The Mano team have a diverse range of skillsets and experience that will assist in ensuring the success of the Mano platform. The team have worked with some of the biggest tech leaders in the United States and Australia, across a number of sectors including government, financial, mining and healthcare. The positions that the team members have held are equally varied and throughout their careers have worked in service desk, server adminstration, network engineering, project management, software licensing and product management roles.

Some of the certifications obtained by team members include:

  • Redhat Certified Systems Engineer

  • Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator

  • Certified Scrum Master (Agile)

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional

  • Prince2 Practitioner

In addition, the greater team of dedicated contractors and supporters will bring in unique skills as needed.